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Halo Member Indodax,

Community Coin Voting periode sebelumnya telah berakhir dan berjalan dengan sukses. Pada periode selanjutnya akan terdapat penambahan perhitungan skor yang akan berlaku mulai dari Community Coin Voting Periode VI. Berikut detail terkait penambahan perhitungan scorenya:

Penambahan Perhitungan Skor
– Quality Score
Mulai dari Community Coin VI ini akan terdapat perubahan perhitungan Total Skor dengan ditambahkannya Quality Score sebagai salah satu skor yang dapat diperhitungkan.

Terdapat 2 kategori Quality Score:
– Quality Score Berdasar Rank* di CoinMarketCap
1. Top 100 project : QS 300.000
2. Top 200 project : QS 200.000
3. Top 500 project : QS 100.000

– Quality Score Berdasar Listed di Exchange** Lain (CoinMarketCap Reported Volume)
1. Terdaftar di Top 10 exchange : QS 200.000
2. Terdaftar di Top 50 exchange : QS 100.000

Dasar perhitungan Quality Score akan dihitung pada H-1 sebelum Periode Voting Community Coin Voting berlangsung dimulai.

*Peringkat Coin Berdasarkan https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/
**Peringkat Exchange Berdasarkan https://coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/reported/

Sebagai contoh perhitungan Quality Score untuk project ABC:
ABC berada pada peringkat 6 dan terdaftar pada Top 10 Exchange berdasarkan Coinmarketcap.com. Maka perhitungannya adalah
Total Quality Score = 300.000 + 200.000 = 500.000

Sehingga Perhitungan Total Skor Community Coin Voting menjadi sebagai berikut:
Total Score = { (Akumulasi jumlah TEN voting * 0.1 TEN * 90%) + (Total TEN security deposit * 10%) } – (50% * Total Score Community Coin Voting periode sebelumnya) + Total Quality Score

Contoh :
– Coin ABC pada periode sebelumnya mendapatkan 1.000.000 vote dan 100.000 security deposit sehingga Total Skor CCV periode sebelumnya sejumlah 100.000. Lalu pada Community Coin Voting VI mendapatkan tambahan 2.000.000 vote dan security deposit sebesar 500.000 TEN, dan karena coin ABC berada pada peringkat 6 dan terdaftar di Top 10 Exchange berdasarkan coinmarketcap.com sehingga mendapatkan Total Quality Score sejumlah 500.000.

Maka perhitungan total scorenya adalah (3.000.000 x 0.1 x 90% + 600.000 x 10%) – (100.000 x 50%) + 500.000 = 780.000

Informasi lengkap mengenai peraturan Community Coin Voting dapat dilihat pada halaman berikut https://help.indodax.com/community-coin-voting/

Apabila terdapat pertanyaan seputar Community Coin Voting, silakan dapat menghubungi tim support kami pada [email protected].



Hello Indodax Member,

Thank you for your participation, last period of Community Coin Voting was successfully held. There is an additional score calculation that will be applied from Community Coin Voting period VI. Hereby is the detail of a new term and score calculation:

Term Changing
-Digital Asset that can be registered has to be already listed on minimum 1 exchange registered in CoinMarketCap

Score Calculation Adding
-Quality Score
There will be change in Total Score calculation start from Community Coin Voting VI. We will add Quality Score as one of aspects that will be calculated.

There are 2 categories of Quality Score:
-Quality Score Based on Rank* in CoinMarketCap
1. Top 100 project : QS 300,000
2. Top 200 project : QS 200,000
3. Top 500 project : QS 100,000

-Quality Score Based on Listed in Other Exchange** (CoinMarketCap Reported Volume)
1. Listed in Top 10 exchange : QS 200,000
2. Listed in Top 50 exchange : QS 100,000

Quality Score calculation will be calculated on D-1 before voting period begins.

*Coin Rank based on https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/
**Exchange Rank based on https://coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/reported/

As example Quality Score for ABC project:
ABC is ranked 6 and listed on Top 10 Exchange based on Coinmarketcap.com, so the calculation is:
Total Quality Score = 300,000 + 200,000 = 500,000

The calculation of Total Community Coin Voting Score is:
Total Score = { (Total accumulation of TEN voting * 0,1 TEN * 90%) + (Total TEN of security deposit * 10%) } – (50% * Total Score from Community Coin Voting previous period) + Total Quality Score

-ABC coin in previous period got 1,000,000 votes and has provided 100,000 TEN for security deposit. So, Total Score for ABC coin is 100,000. Then, in the Community Coin Voting period VI get 2,000,000 more votes and provide more security deposit 500,000 TEN. Because ABC coin is ranked 6th and listed on the Top 10 Exchange based on coinmarketcap.com, then total Quality Score for ABC coin is 500,000.

The score calculation is
(3,000,000 x 0.1 x 90% + 600,000 x 10%) – (100,000 x 50%) + 500,000 = 780,000

For details information about Community Coin Voting, refer to this link https://help.indodax.com/en_US/community-coin-voting/

If you have any question about Community Coin Voting, feel free to contact our team at [email protected]


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